Clinician Quality Improvement Program

One of the current initiatives under the NQIIC program is designed help clinicians improve quality and performance in their practice  This initiative is called the Clinician Quality Improvement Contract or CQIC.

This clinician-focused initiative focuses on improving outcomes in four areas:

  • Increasing access to behavioral health and reducing opioid prescribing,
  • Increasing patient safety,
  • Managing chronic conditions, including diabetes and hypertension, and
  • Increasing quality of care transitions.

Our clinical interventions can include curricula, protocols, workflow aides, and associated measures and process-improvement strategies customized to the fit unique goals of each practice.

Practices can experience increased revenue from other performance programs they may be participating in (such as QPP MIPS) by implementing various quality improvement strategies. Our quality improvement experts will train your clinical staff in these interventions, helping them perform at their highest potential.

There is no cost for practices to participate in this program! 

Enrollment in this program will be limited on a first-come, first-served basis. If you have a 2015 CEHRT and have a readiness to focus on improving patient outcomes, you are in a good position to be a part of this program. Read our ILHITREC CQIC FAQ for further details.

We anticipate the program beginning in early 2020, pending an award from CMS. To find out more about this program, please complete this brief form, and we will contact you.