Clinician Focused Quality Improvement FAQs

ILHITREC is an Illinois partner in two CMS designated Networks of Quality Improvement and Innovation Contractors (NQIICs) which are networks that have the capability to achieve large scale improvement results. These networks use effective and innovative quality improvement strategies that are data driven, transparent and empower patients, families and clinicians to make decisions about their healthcare. In early 2020, CMS will task the NQIICs to help clinicians improve quality and performance in their practice. This task is referred to as Clinician Quality Improvement Contractor (CQIC). Printable FAQ PDF

What is the focus of the Clinician Quality Improvement Contractor (CQIC)?

CMS’s goal is to support community-based primary care and specialty care clinicians in quality improvement projects over a 5-year period. There are 4 areas of focus, or AIMs, for this new project:

  • Chronic disease Management & Prevention
  • Improve Behavioral Health Outcomes, including a Focus on Decreased Opioid Misuse
  • Focus on Patient Safety
  • Improve Community-based Care Transitions to Reduce Hospital Admission

What outcomes can we expect?

In addressing these 4 AIMS, CMS expects the following outcomes:

What are the benefits we can expect in our practice?

ILHITREC will provide, at no cost or risk to participate, a dedicated Quality Improvement Advisor that can assist your practice with the quality improvement work.  Practices can experience a variety of benefits, which include improvements in:

  • QPP performance
  • Care coordination
  • HEDIS/UDS performance
  • Hospital readmissions
  • Cost savings
  • Patient satisfaction scores
  • Quality Improvement Association Membership
  • Alignment with ACO initiatives

What resources are available for our practice?

Today’s healthcare environment is rapidly changing, and many practices lack the resources and support to be well informed and responsive. Your ILHITREC Quality Improvement Advisor can help your practice build a strong systematic focus on quality and safety with services that include:

How can my practice participate?

  • Participate in monthly standing meetings
  • Create and provide quality measure reports
  • Participate and implement QI projects and interventions to improve health outcomes
  • Celebrate Success!!


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