Objective 8: Public Health & Clinical Data Registry Reporting

Prescription Drug Monitoring Program

The specification states: an EP may count a specialized registry (such as PMP) if the EP achieved Active Engagement Option 3 in a prior year. Active engagement Option 3 - Production as defined in the specification sheet: The EP has completed testing and validation of the electronic submission and is submitting production data to the Public Health Agency or Clinical Data Registry.

  • Example (1) If you achieved active engagement option 3 by the end of 2019 you can attest to the PMP registry for 2020.
  • Example (2) If you achieved active engagement option 3 by the end of 2020 you can attest to the PMP registry for 2021.


For I-CARE for 2020 & 2021 Bi-directionality is required. Bi-directionality provides that CEHRT must be able to receive and display a consolidated immunization history and forecast in addition to sending the immunization record.

*Contact I-CARE at dph.hl7icare@illinois.gov to request letter and/or request to set up bi-directionality.

If you still need to request this confirmation letter, in your e-mail request to I-CARE please ask for them to check the three lines needed for production if you are in production status.

If you already have your letter, review your letter to ensure all the lines are checked if in production status. If you are in the testing process or have requested bi-directional functionality you may still be able to meet this measure.

Please contact ILHITREC if you need assistance in determining your status for this measure.

If the provider was previously AE3 (without the bi-directional requirement), then they need to contact IDPH to test and eventually go production with the bi-directionality requirement. In the past, this meant registering their intent via the MURS app.

Since IDPH took the MURS app down, they now just need to contact IDPH regarding bidirectionality, essentially requesting to test with them.

In this scenario, the provider would be deemed in Active Engagement 1 status (registered their intent) or Active Engagement 2 status (testing). Once testing is completed to IDPH’s satisfaction, they would of course be in Active Engagement 3 status (Production). Any of these statuses are acceptable to meet MU for the 2020 program year.

IDPH could show that they are in AE1 status by completing the check for “Completing Registration to Submit Data” in their letter. If IDPH does not check the box, and the provider believes they have contacted IDPH to request this test, then they should show some proof the IDPH has received their request, ideally via an email from IDPH.

Meaningful Use Stage 3 – Promoting Interoperability

Measure – Immunization Registry Reporting: The eligible hospital or CAH is in active engagement with a public health agency to submit immunization data and receive immunization forecasts and histories from the public health immunization registry/immunization information system (IIS).

Status of Active Engagement with I-CARE (Illinois Comprehensive Automated Immunization Registry Exchange):

  • ___ Completed Registration to Submit Data
  • ___ Testing and Validation


  • _x_ Submitting VXU immunization data
  • _x_ Using Queries (QBP) to receive immunization forecasts and histories
  • _x_ Using National Drug Code (NDC) for administered vaccines

Specialized Registry/Other Public Health Registry

If you attest to sending data to another public health registry or specialized registry you must upload a letter or registration confirmation from the specialized registry confirming active engagement in the registry.

Example specialized registries include but are not limited to: Dartnet, Pinnacle, etc.

Example public health registries include but are not limited to: National Ambulatory Health Care Surveys, Illinois Cancer Registry etc.

Public Health Reporting

The MURS website that we used to go to is no longer available to register intent for the registries.

If you do need to complete a new state registry registration you can instead download the MURs spreadsheet and send it to DPH.HL7ICARE@illinois.gov

For information on submitting public health data to IDPH please contact:


2020 and 2021 Public Health and Clinical Data Registry Reporting (Objective 8 of 8)

Public Health Reporting for Meaningful Use 

For registration of intent, complete the MURs spreadsheet and send to DPH.HL7ICARE@illinois.gov