Objective 5: Patient Electronic Access (with Patient Education)

The purpose of this objective is to provide patients the ability to view online, download, and transmit their health information within 4 business days of the information being available to the EP. This could include providing patients with instructions on how to access their health information, the website address they must visit for online access, a unique and registered username or password, instructions on how to create a login, or any other instructions, tools, or materials that patients need in order to view, download, or transmit their information.

In this objective, the EP provides patients (or patient-authorized representative) with timely electronic access to their health information and patient-specific education.

Measure 1 requires that more than 80% of all unique patients seen by the EP during the EHR reporting period are provided timely online access to their health information. (within 4 business days of the information being available to the EP

Measure 2 requires that the EP use clinically relevant information from CEHRT to identify patient-specific educational resources and provide electronic access to those materials to more than 35% of unique patient seen by the EP during the EHR reporting period.

An exclusion can be taken by EPs for either measure, or both, if either condition applies:

  • No office visits during the EHR reporting period
  • The EP conducts 50% or more of his patient encounters in a county that does not have 50% or more of its housing units with 4 Mbps broadband availability.

Strategies to Improve Patient Electronic Access:

  • Implement sign up process into standard workflow and explain the benefits of the portal
  • Create policies around portal usage
  • Train staff on use and benefits of portal and how to assist patients with resetting password, navigating site, etc.
  • Sign patients up and log them in during their visit


2020 and 2021 Patient Electronic Access to Health Information (Objective 5 of 8)

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